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5 Lessons from a Successful TLG Partnership
14 September, 2020
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TLG provides the practical English skills and support needed to conduct cross-border business with confidence. A prime example is our 10-year partnership with the Italian arm of a global consultancy, which led to measurable improvements in their bottom line

Here are 5 lessons they learned through the process.

Lesson 1: There’s a big difference between studying and applying English

“Our objective was to improve English across the team so people could be more efficient and successful with international projects. We’d been trying for years and had worked with all the major providers. I was beginning to think we were asking the impossible. Finding TLG was a huge relief,” explained the Consulting Leader.

The Financial Advisory Function Leader added, “The major difference is that TLG isn’t about ‘learning a language.’ It’s about effective communication. Their approach is about the transition from an Italian English speaker to a more natural English communicator. Courses aren’t about people’s academic level, they focus on real, everyday needs.” 

Lesson 2: You need a rounded approach to business English

“The training itself is important, but TLG doesn’t look at it as a standalone service. They’re always evaluating how their broader capabilities can make us more effective,” the Consulting Leader said. “We’ve all been impressed by their innovation. Every year, they make improvements that reflect our current needs.” 

Lesson 3: Confidence is a crucial ingredient

“English is fundamental to us, and we use it daily to communicate with clients and foreign colleagues. TLG has made us all confident and able to actually do our work. Not only can we speak English, but we can now work in English,” said the Consulting Leader.

“TLG has definitely helped me feel more confident, for example when I have to introduce myself in networking situations,” confirmed a student. 

Lesson 4: Flexibility is key

“Flexibility is essential given the diversity within our team. Different people have different requirements, have different English abilities and have different levels of English exposure within the organization. TLG’s flexibility and ability to adapt has been critical to our success,” the Consulting Leader commented.

“For example, we have dedicated lessons based on our English level. And TLG’s digital platform is available 24 hours a day. It’s all very interactive, and there’s fast feedback,” added another student.

Lesson 5: You need measurable results linked to business outcomes

“We can quantify all the benefits we get from TLG. We’ve seen improvements in everything from winning business and building relationships to boosting employee satisfaction,” said the Consulting Leader.

“Our business with foreign companies has more than tripled since we started working with them. The support from TLG has improved our bottom line – no doubt about it,” he added.  

“We have those big benefits, but there are also the practical, tangible results we see in our day-to-day work,” added the Head of Financial Services. “I spend a significant amount of time preparing documents, presentations and emails in English. TLG has helped me write in a way that showcases my knowledge better. They helped me improve in the difficult task of using the right tone, formality and even idioms confidently in my writing.” 

“Exactly,” concluded the Consulting Leader. “There are so many examples like this in the business. Colleagues who go on our mobility program and successfully work abroad. People who win great international projects thanks to well-written pitches and slick presentations. It all shows that TLG is more than a partner – it’s part of our value chain.”

You, too, can get measurable results from your business English investment

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